Mini Scalp Applicator Liquid Comb Hair Roots Massage Medicine Comb Hair Growth Serum Oil Nourish Hair Scalp Massager


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  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Material: ABS & TPR
  • Size: Small
  • Brand Name: DJBS
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Quantity: 1PCS
  • Liquid Tank Capacity: 6ml
  • Feature 1: scalp applicator
  • Feature 2: scalp oil applicator
  • Feature 3: Hair Scalp Massager
  • Feature 4: Hair Growth Serum Oil Nourish
  • Feature 5: Liquid Comb
  • Feature 6: Hair Roots Massage Medicine Comb
  • Feature 7: 1-6ml

Mini Scalp Applicator Liquid Comb Hair Roots Essential Oil Massage Ball Hair Growth Serum Oil Massage Comb Hair Scalp Massager




Liquid Tank Capacity: 6ml

Color: As the picture

Material: Plastic



Roll-on Scalp Applicator Instructions:


1. Pinch the suction nozzle, turn it counterclockwise, and remove the suction nozzle.

2. Add 1ml of liquid medicine directly from the connection port of the inhaler to the cavity (liquid storage bottle).

We recommend you to add only 1ml at a time, as adding too much liquid is easy to clog.

3. Gently press down on the ball, the ball will discharge liquid, pinch the handle to increase the liquid discharge.

4. Pinch the tail of the handle, put the comb on the scalp, press the tail of the handle and slide or click smoothly, and apply the liquid to the scalp.

Do not use too much force to avoid scratching the scalp.


Products include:

1*Scalp Applicator

1*Package Box


Portable Scalp Dosing Device

It is specially designed for high-efficiency scalp medicine


Scalp applicator

Ball fluid| Direct hair root| Scalp massage| Lightweight and portable


5 Root ball head

–Smooth and quick liquid output


6 Root massage column

–Massage helps absorption


Ball rolling fluid & Controllable Discharge Speed

Only when the ball head rolls can the liquid be discharged, which is convenient to control the dosage and evenly discharge the liquid.


Ball head with massage head, medicine massage two-in-one


Ball rolling liquid output, controllable liquid out put, no waste


Simple and Easy to Operate & Accurate Direct Hair Root

Smear-type medicine, the liquid medicine directly reaches the hair root to reduce waste


Apply medicine evenly and directly to the hair root

Fully upgraded smear dosing device


Traditional medicine is easy to be blocked by hair

Smear-type medicine, let the liquid medicine reach the hair root evenly, the effect is more obvious


Clear Scale & The Dosage is Clear at a glance

6ml bottle body, can meet the need of medicine for a whole day


Wide Mouth Design & Smooth Liquid Adding

Don’t worry about liquid outflow


Suitable for a variety of liquid medicine


Whole Body Anti-rust and Anti-corrosion & Feel free the Clean

Regular cleaning is recommended to prevent blockage


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